Are Remote Home Security Systems a Good Idea?

Whenever homeowners leave their property, they have to put their faith in the security system which is at their home. Any home can be targeted at any time by opportunist burglars, but there are systems that can help to deter criminals from attempting to break-in. These systems can also make it harder for them to gain access and easier for the police to find the perpetrators if they do manage to gain access to the property. If you work away from home a lot of the time, or if you have a second home that is in a different part of the country, you might want to consider investing in a remote security system to protect your home.

What is a Remote Security System?

A remote security system is a system which the user is able to interact with from a location that is outside of the home itself. This allows the user to have control of the system from almost anywhere in the world. The most basic remote systems will allow users to set and silence alarms, and will send them an immediate notification if the alarm is triggered. More complicated models will allow the user to interact with other aspects of the security system. For example, users may be able to view live images from within their home that are being picked up by security cameras that they have installed. Some systems even allow users to communicate with criminals who have entered the house. Remote systems can be as simple or as complicated as you want, depending on your security needs.

What are the Benefits of a Remote Home Security System?

Any type of visible home security system can serve to dissuade criminals from targeting a house. Burglars are less likely to try to break into a home if they think that they may be caught doing so. Visible alarms and CCTV camera will put off some house breakers, because they will not want to do anything that leaves behind any evidence that it was them who committed the crime.

Remote systems allow users to access data about their home from anywhere in the world. This means that they can find out what is happening at their home in Basingstoke, whilst they are sitting on a beach in Barbados. This obviously has a huge appeal to many homeowners, who want to make sure that their home stays secure whilst they are away. Having the ability to check back helps to give some people extra peace of mind, and will allow them to spend more time enjoying their holiday.

Being able to see what is going on will also give homeowners a little bit of control back if there is a problem whilst they are away. Receiving an immediate notification if there is a problem will allow the user to take proactive steps to solve it, whether those steps involve contacting the police or just silencing a false alarm. This can help to relieve some of the burden which is often placed on neighbours when a home alarm system sounds.

Are there any Issues with Remote Home Security Systems?

Remote systems often require a reliable power supply and a strong internet connection. If your home is situated in an area that is liable to experience a lot of power cuts, then this type of system may not be suitable for your needs. Failing power can reset some systems, which may render them useless until the next time that the user is able to visit the property. Likewise, if the internet connection cuts out for too long or if a connectivity problem occurs, the user may not be able to gain access to any remote data until they are able to do a manual reset. As technology develops, manufacturers are continuing to work to overcome these problems.

Some users also experience powerful emotional effects if they find out that someone is in their house. It is not always possible for the police to attend immediately with a crime like a burglar, so some users are powerless to stop the criminals who are in their home. Being able to watch the events unfold on camera whilst not being able to do anything to stop the perpetrators can be very distressing for some people. A handful of remote camera users have stated that they would have preferred not to have watched the events in real time, but they felt as though they could not tear themselves away from the cameras.

At present, remote systems are also more expensive than standard home security systems. However, as remote technology improves, and demand for the “internet of things” increases, more and more home security manufacturers are starting to add remote features to their devices as standard. Expect to see remote home security systems becoming more common in future.