Why are Panic Rooms starting to become more popular in the United Kingdom?

In the past decade, the concept of the “panic room” has started to move across the Atlantic. Once the bastion of the American elites, these special rooms are now becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom. Experts believe that this may be in response to the changing global environment.

What is a Panic Room?

A panic room is a special room in the house or grounds of a property which has been designed to be virtually impenetrable by intruders, unless they have a distinct set of specialist tools. The strength of these rooms means that intruders are highly unlikely to be able to gain entry to the area unless they already know about the construction. Knowing the room’s strengths and weaknesses will only help the intruders in some circumstances. Some of the most high-end panic rooms are also fireproof and explosion-proof.

A panic room should be strategically placed to allow the occupants of the house to easily retreat to the room if they feel threatened. Some panic rooms have an obvious door as an entrance, whereas other panic rooms may have a concealed entrance, such as a door that is disguised as a bookcase. Once inside the room, the occupants should be able to use concealed communication equipment to communicate with the authorities. Some rooms contain CCTV monitoring equipment, so that the inhabitants of the room can keep track of the movements of the intruders. Householders may choose to hide in the panic room themselves or they may use the room as a place to store high value items if they are worried about a break-in.

A panic room should also be stocked with basic provisions, which will allow the occupants to survive if they are forced to spend a long time inside the room. The room should also contain a first-aid kit and a torch. A torch is a useful tool if the electricity to the panic room fails or is sabotaged in any way. Some high-end rooms are equipped with a fridge, portable toilet and additional self-defence tools.

Who has a Panic Room?

Panic rooms are most common amongst the elites in the United Kingdom, although the police force have started to use very basic types of panic room for some people who are at risk from domestic violence. These basic rooms have a reinforced door and enhanced communication equipment; however they are not normally as strong as high-end panic rooms. These special panic rooms are often a normal bedroom or living space, which has been adapted to make it much harder to enter once the room is put into “lockdown” by the occupant. In order to have a separate panic room installed in your house, you will need enough money to pay for the construction of the room, as well as enough space to house this unique type of space.

Why are these Rooms becoming more popular?

Panic rooms started to take off in America after 9/11, because the threat of terrorism became more real to many people. Once the idea began to spread across America, it also began to gather pace in the United Kingdom. Recent terrorist attacks across Europe have also helped to boost global sales of these rooms, especially in bigger cities. Terrorist-proof rooms have actually been installed in the offices of some major companies in London. These rooms are normally designed to protect stock rather than staff.

A number of high profile celebrities have also talked about getting panic rooms installed in their homes to help to protect themselves and their families. For reasons of taste and security, their names will not be discussed in this piece. The growth of the internet has actually made it easier for web users to follow their favourite celebrities and find out where they live. Although the vast majority of fans are harmless, some people develop an obsession with their favourite celebrity which crosses the line. When a fan starts to turn up invited or begins to make phone calls to the celebrity, it can really affect the celebrity’s quality of life and make them feel threatened. Having a panic room installed in their home can help to make celebrity feel much safer. Even if the celebrity does not currently have an obsessed fan, the addition of a panic room can help them to feel prepared in case someone does start to pose a threat in future.

There have also been a few robberies in recent years where “wealthy” victims have been tortured by intruders. Because they happened at remote country houses, the victims had very few options available to them. Although they are still very uncommon, these events tend to stick in people’s minds because of the intense cruelty that was involved. Installing a panic room at a property can help to give homeowners an option if somebody does try to break in.